Pokemon Blazing Fire red

Pokemon Radical Red
Based onPokemon Fire Red
GamePokemon Blazing Fire Red

About The Game—>

This game is exactly like Pokemon Fire Red but with some improvements. You can call it a special Pokemon Fire Red Remake where you can choose the whatever place you want to start your journey from. Also you can choose one of the starters among Kanto, Johto and Hoen starters. Rest story is pretty same but there are minor changes like, there is a new rival instead of Green (Grandson of Professor Oak), there are 16 GYMs in Kanto region and each GYM leader is stronger than you so you must work hard to defeat them. Other than this, game has added many features like day/night cycle etc.

Short Story Description—>

This game follows the Pokemon Fire Red Rom but with minor changes in the events. Though Map has been amplified and a few places of Hoen Region are also showed in the game.


  • Day and night cicle.
  • Ability to run from start.
  • More items can be found in the game than Original Fire Red Game.
  • BW2 repel system.
  • More locations have been added to the map.
  • and many more.


Latest Version ( V2.3H )

  • Added new tiles and revamped a bunch of map designs to be a lot more varied and natural while also providing new shortcuts for the player
  • Ability to run from the start
  • No tutorial on the controls or how to play
  • Fixed Overworld sprites to match the battle ones better
  • You get an Exp Share instead of shoes after beating brock
  • A new item was added, a device that allows the player to re-learn forgotten moves to a pokemon
  • More items can be found on the maps
  • Altered the UI to be more refined or added new colors
  • Added the move split (patch)
  • Added nature stat colors (patch)
  • Added the BW2 repel system (patch)
  • Removed the annoying flashbacks when you load a save (patch)
  • Fixed the micro and tall grass animations and applied them to grass tiles
  • Shiny rate is changed to gen 6+ (patch)
  • When choosing to fly you can change the map
  • The fly icon is more simplistic and no longer blinks on the screen (Imo it looks nicer)
  • The pokedex and pokemon options in the start menu are swapped to match gen 5+
  • The low HP sound doesn’t loop anymore
  • More locations have been added to the map
  • Those being: Celedon department store, Silph co., and the pokemon league
  • Gatehouses and pokemarts now use the mystery gift theme
  • Wild pokemon use AI now instead of randomly using a move (patch)
  • Trainer teams have EVs (patch)
  • Decapitalization (WIP)
  • Added floor number to dungeons/buildings which were missing it
  • Viridian forest now uses a unique battle background
  • It rains in lavender town now
  • Some locations have had name changes to be more specific, e.g: Pokemon League is now PKMN Indigo League
  • Fixed the pokedex and roaming legendary bugs (patch)
  • There is a new map connecting the first 2 Sevii Islands (heavy WIP)
  • Remixes of the Dark Cave and the ruins of Alph replace the duplicate songs used for mt ember and Tanoby ruins (both remixes are from my on-hiatus gold remake)
  • Various text strings have been updated
  • Towns and cities in Kanto are now populated with pokemon NPCs which roam on rooftops or with humans


  • RTC and day/night cycle
  • Daily events like stores, NPCs, and more
  • Berry trees! they regrow a berry each day
  • A lot more map improvements for a more fresh take on Kanto
  • More pokemon from Johto and Hoenn can be found
  • Mt. Moon square from GSC!
  • Clock added to the Pocket PC
  • A new options menu for the pocket PC
  • Find shards from smashing rocks (gen 4 mechanics)
  • The safari zone can be played without limits in the new free-roam mode
  • New item, store and check your records for various things such as hatched eggs, cut trees, etc
  • New NPCs who can change the ball your pokemon are stored in
  • Expanded areas within Kanto like the underground tunnels and mt moon
  • New merchants within the underground tunnels
  • Quests! help out NPCs across Kanto and speak to the quest master in pewters pokemon center for rewards (3 currently done)
  • The daycares from route 5 and four islands have been swapped to allow for early game breeding
  • And many other smaller changes!



Note that this is V2.3H Zip pre-patched file so you directly play the game in your emulator !

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