Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Fire red extended
Game namePokemon Fire Red Extented
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red

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About the game

You can call this game a major update to Pokemon Fire Red Original. In this rom hack there are many things improved like mechanics, new features, ,new and improved pokemon sprites and new background music. In simple word you can call this game ” A Fire Red Remake Project With A Lot Of Advanced Enhancements ! “

Story Description

Story is exactly same like Original Pokemon Fire Red.



  • Pokemon from Gen 1-8 (Kanto To Galar).
  • Custom Level For Starter Evolution.
  • Evolve Certain Pokemon With Link Cable.
  • All In-Game Fonts Have Been Blacked Out.
  • HUD & Updated Layouts For Better Experience.
  • IVs, Natural Display Added & PSS Icons Inserted.
  • Unique Events (Some Legendary Events Are Missing).
  • Certain Evolution Methods From Male/Female Pokemon.
  • Party Specific Evolution (Remoraid + Mantyke = Mantine).
  • Advanced Evolution Guide In With Game File Download.
  • Custom Wormhole System & Sideway Stairs GFX.
  • Dive Maps For More Exploration & Some Incomplete Events.
  • Revamp Map’s GFX & Custom Battle Background’s GFX.
  • Advanced Move Tutor For 2000$ In Every PokeMart.
  • Replaced Elite Four With The Ultimate Pokemon League!
  • Field Moves. (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Dig, Sweet Scent, Rock Climb, Dig, Headbutt, Drillrun, Bulldoze, Thief, Growth).
  • New Fossil Resurrection System For Gen 1-8 Fossils (Use Thief On Hikers/ Dig In Certain Maps).
  • Safari Zone Expanded To 4000$ (Does Not Count Steps + 60 Safari Balls)



These are pre-patched files so you can directly play these games in your emulator !

Latest Version ( v3.3.9 )

Previous Versions

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