Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon gs chronicles
Based onPokemon Fire Red
GamePokemon GS Chronicles

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About the game

This rom hack is based on Pokemon Fire Red and it is one of the most popularly played Pokemon Rom Hacks. This rom hack takes the concept of Pokemon Silver, Crystal and Gold where story is kind of same with some changes. Game contains similar graphics of Pokemon Gold and Silver but there are lots of improvements in sprites. If you haven’t played Pokemon Gold and Silver then this might be best rom hack fro you to go through in first place.

Story Description

Story is similar to Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver where you start your journey in a town and meet Prof. Elm. He gives you pokemon and etc. Then you embark on your journey while obeying Prof. Elm’s instructions then suddenly a robbery occurs at Prof. Elm’s Lab and now he sets you after the thief. And now along with this main task he keeps you busy with many task where you explore Johto and Kanto Region where you are determined to be a region champion. To know more about the game play it


  • A complete new storyline
  • Better game graphics
  • New puzzles
  • Time based events
  • There are 3 rivals in the game
  • Well designed sprites
  • Mega evolution
  • Day and night system
  • Better background music
  • New locations in Johto and Kanto



This is pre-patched zip file so you can play it directly in your emulator !

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