Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon legend arceus
Based onPokemon Fire Red
GamePokemon Legends Arceus
TeamAltaria Basculegion Production
LanguageBrazillion, English
VersionBeta 3.0
Last updated18 April 2022

Table Of Contents

About the game

Pokemon Legends Arceus is hacked version of Pokemon Fire Red. This rom hack has beautiful Pixel sprite graphics where the main player has to do enormous new adventures. The new Storyline and region make the game unique for you to try. There are several new pokemon that makes the Pokedex bigger than normal. It’s a story about ancient Sinnoh and your main character is implied to be an ancestor to Dawn or Lucas. The game focus on Arceus who bring the lore into the trailer that he’s the creator of everything in the universe.


Yet so far by January 2023

  • Hisui Region. (Progress 17%)
  • New Crafting System. (Progress 20%)
  • New Starters From Gen 2-7. (Progress 45%)
  • New Hisuian Forms Added. (Progress 23%)



Brazillion Version Beta 3.0 File

English Version Beta 3.0 File

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