Pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon mega power
Game namePokemon Mega Power
Hack ofPokemon Emerald
VersionBeta 5.62
Last UpdatedAugust 9, 2021

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About the game

This rom hack is based on Pokemon Emerald, but the graphics are totally changed which will definitely give you old gba like nostalgia but in new way . In this game your main character is a scientist who is on a mission to create world’s strongest Pokemon. Also this game offers mega evolutions which gives it a strong hold forbeing played despite a good story. After playing this rom hack it is definitely gonna be in you favorite rom hack’s list for sure.

Story Description

Neil /Tyra who is a very genius scientist and became a professor has a dream to make a strongest pokemon in the whole world by himself. He did so many experiments but could not succeed and now all his funds have been empty and he needs money desperately to continue his research and experiments.

Meanwhile, a businessman called Kasper offers him a deal that he would contribute to his project if professor (Neil/Trra the main character) is ready to share the achievement with him. To make professor’s own dream project come true, professor agrees to all his conditions and accepts the deal without hesitating.

With the time passing, the genius gradually starts knowing that Kesper is leader of  a secret team called “Team Delta”. Now our young genius begins to think about whether the project should be continued or not? Why does Kasper need the project? What will he do? The young professor must decide, whether to keep it up, or not.


Beta 5.62

  • Three New regions – Ivara, Lande, Sevii Islands
  • All mega evolutions
  • Some gen 4, 5, 6, and 7 Pokemon
  • Some new tiles
  • New GYMs
  • New Sprites



Latest Version (v5.62)

Previous Version

These are pre-patched files so you can play these files directly in your emulator !

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