Pokemon Multiverse of Madness

Pokemon multiverse
Game namePokemon Multiverse Of Madness
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
AuthorPokemon Bantai
LanguageHinglish (Hindi in English)
VersionvChapter 0
StatusIn Development
Last UpdatedNovember 11, 2022

table of contents

About the game

This rom hack is purely based on Pokemon Fire Red with same graphics style but it has brand new story that will keep you entertained. This game offers concept of Multidimensional Swap Theory where you will be seeing concept of multi dimensions. This is first ever rom hack built in Hinglish Language (Hindi language written in English format or letters).

Story Description

You are a normal boy who loves to play pokemon games. Suddenly, one day while playing game a bright light flashes and you fall Unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself in a completely different world. The world of Pokemons ! But how did this even happen in first place ?

If you are here in this world then where is the Red from this world ? To get all these answers you must embark on your own journey. May Arceus bless you !


  • Dialogues in Hinglish
  • Updated sprites
  • Gen 1 to Gen 8 Pokemons



This is pre-patched file so you can play this file directly in your emulator !

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