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About The Game—>

This game is based on Pokemon Emerland Version.


This game is made in try to create an open world game where you can go anywhere you want and can complete the game in any order you like. According to the game, every pokemon is available in game so you can build your team as much you like. The game features Hoen Region and in future updates Kanto Region will also be added.


  • Explore the region in any order you want.
  • Following Pokémon(450+ different species available)
  • Trainer Color Customization
  • Tons of QoL Changes to get your team without having to Breed to get good Ivs/Abilities
  • Egg Move Tutor
  • Mystery Gift System
  • Multiple Title Screens
  • Achievements
  • Chose between 9 starters or get one randomly.
  • 3 Different Game Difficulties – Easy, Normal and Hard
  • Regional Music Options(Chose between Kanto, Jotho, Hoenn and Sinnoh Music)
  • Randomized Mode
  • Double Battle Mode(Every fight is a Double Battle)
  • Inverse Mode(Inverted type chart)
  • Perfect Ivs Mode(everything has 31 ivs)
  • No Evs mode(Nothing has evs)
  • Random Party Mode
  • Little Cup like mode
  • No need for HMs
  • In Game Wonder Trades
  • Nature Mints
  • A way to change the Poke Balls of already caught Mons
  • Pokémon from all the 8 Gens
  • Auto Run Options
  • Up to 120 Tms
  • Physical/Special Split(This can be removed by an In-game Mode)
  • Daily Gym Leader Rematches
  • Level scaling based on your number of badges with evolution system for both trainers and wild Pokémon
  • Re-Usable TMs
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Find rare Pokémon with the DexNav. (by ghoulslash’s)
  • Gen 8 Flying Taxis from the beginning. (by surskitty)
  • Name Rater, Move Reminder, Move Deleter and Iv checker on all the Pokémon Centers.
  • Decapitalized Text. (by Wyrserth and AsparagusEdu)
  • Press B to Surf faster. (by ghoulslash)
  • Pokémon Clover Soft Level Cap in Hard Mode (by PokémonCrazy)
  • Gen 7 Daycare System
  • A beautiful and useful Pokedex. (by TheXaman)
  • Gen 6 Exp.Share that you can always turn off (by Lunos)
  • Fly without the need of the move by having a Pokémon that could learn it in your party (by Buffelsaft)
  • Eon Flute

Changelog v1.8.1—>

  • Added New Game+, this mode lets you keep all your Pokemon(they become level 1), Items, Money, and Achievements while starting a new save file. It gives you some bonus items to be able to create a team from scratch easily at the start of the game. When you start a new game plus save all the trainers start to scale to your level, you get boosted experience and it becomes a little more difficult each time you start a new game plus save.
  • This mode can be unlocked by beating the Pokémon League, the game tells you the number of new game plus save you have started on that save file.
  • This mode can not be unlocked if you play on Randomized Party Mode or No Evolution Mode and those modes can’t be enabled while in a new game plus save.
  • Fixed the Experience Overflow when you defeated a level 75+ Blissey with 5 Pokémon with a lucky boost on your party while holding a Lucky Egg.
  • Some more new Balance changes to some Hoenn Pokémon
  • Added some new abilities for Chimecho, Jirachi, and Clefairy family
  • Added followers up to Zebstrika and fixed some Followers gen 5 followers floating or looking strange.
  • Fixed Route 113 not working with the Dexnav
  • Fixed the Pokédex not showing the correct hidden ability for certain mons
  • Added some Gen 8 Moves to the game and fixed some effects
    • Clangorous Soul
    • No Retreat
    • Clanging Scales
    • Eerie Spell
    • Jaw Lock(Fixed its effect)
    • Life Dew(Fixed its effect)
    • Jungle Healing(No available Pokémon can learn this)
    • Scale Shot
  • All the Abilities now have their full names.
  • Fixed the Scanner Quest not giving you the achievement.
  • Other misc changes and fixes that I forgot about.



This is a pre-patched file so you can directly play the game in your Emulator !

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