Pokemon Saiph 2

Pokemon saiph 2
Game namePokeomon Saiph 2
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
VersionTech Demo (+ Hero Mode Fix)
StatusIn developement
UpdatedOctober 20, 2022

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About the game

This rom hack is also remake of Pokemon Fire Red by vytron. This rom hack is sequel of Pokemon Saiph offering improvements in graphics and new pokemons. This game has so many improvements that you would definitely like to play this game.

In this game player can explore different islands where you can find treasures from past adventures showing link to past version Pokemon Saiph. Also you will experience battles against pirates with special pokemons at there helm.

Please consider to try Pokemon Saiph before playing this rom hack for best experience (Click on Colored Text to reach the post)

Story Description

This rom hack’s story starts after 3 years from Pokeomon Saiph and a week after Pokemon SORS where Miach along with Darlo (Inspector) is returning from a formal event which Micah was invited to as Colen’s Champion and the Co-Leader of the world’s first ITP Group. (International Threat Prevention).

While returning from the event, their aero-plane get into a mysterious accident which results in the plane crashing. Their plane crashes on remote region called Regris Region. There Miach evacuates everybody in the plane but he finds that Darlo is missing. There on that region Miach meets a Regrission Girl and takes her help and guidance to find Darlo. Now you have to contact Lori in Colen Region to find a way to return home and carry the mission to find Darlo also.

However things are not that simple they look, Miach is going to be involved in something he has not seen ever.


Tech Demo

  • A new region to explore, Regris!
  • A custom soundtrack
  • The Complete Fire Red Upgrade engine (Items, moves, abilities, Pokémon, pss split etc. updated to the latest standards)
  • Proper Battle AI
  • Multiple modes to play the game in (Randomizer, Lvl scaling, exp all etc.)
  • For the dedicated players: Hero Mode
  • Once again a full PokeDex now including gen 8 too!
  • DexNav (Not in the Tech Demo)
  • Side Quests (Only 1 in the Tech Demo)
  • Day/Night System and possible D&N events (the emulator needs to support RTC)



This is pre-patched file so you can directly play this game on your emulator !

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