Pokemon SORS

Pokemon SORS
Based onPokemon Fire Red
GamePokemon SORS

about the game—>

This game is based on Fire Red with many improvements and NDS like graphics and nice story. This game is developed by ” Vytron “. This is one of the most famous games loved by many gamers. This game has many new features (like Latios ride feature where you fly across whole map ) and objects and side missions in the region of Hupest. And new Pokemon form added in the game is Eclipsed Form. This game has a very nice story and the ending hits some different.

Short description—>

According to the game, 300 hundred years ago, an event called “The Eclipse” happened in the Hupest Region. During the eclipse, Pokemons were going wild and getting different forms . Now, in the current timeline of the game, a group has stood up for their own motives causing chaos in the region, now you must have to unravel the mystery of where the villain groups are trying to recreate the Eclipse.


  • This game offers Pokemon Eclipsed Forms (Only 40+ Pokemons have this form).
  • There are Pokemons from Gen I to Gen VII ( In game in total about 700+ Pokemons ).
  • New Region called Hupest.
  • Updated moves upto Gen VII
  • Physical/Special Split.
  • Day and Night Cycle.
  • Soaring feature (allows you to fly over terrains, refer one of the screenshots below to look at visuals).



Please kindly note that on Mediafire link you will get pre-patched V1.3 Zip File and on Mega link you will get un-patched V1.3 Rar File !

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