Pokemon SOTS

Pokemon SOTS
Based onPokemon Emerald
GamePokemon SOTS
LanguageEnglish, German, Spanish

About The Game—>

This game has NDS like graphics and the coloring and design of tiles may appeal your eyes. In this game characters'(important and semi important) dialogues appear with an image on left and their name on right side. The graphics used and some locations in this game are cool and surely gonna chill you while you are playin the game and traveling across the map.

Short Description—>

The story has an important historical value since it begins when the balance of the current world is about to break due to strange forces. On the other hand, the powerful Guardians of Amitec cannot leave their stronghold and for that reason the Sacred Shards of Celestis are stolen by the organization Team Tundra. Now your goal as a Pokémon trainer in this new region will be to find out what it’s all about and try to save the world in an epic adventure full of mysteries and, above all, many Pokémon battles.


  1. New region called Amitec with a lot of historical value.
  2. New story based on the Region where the Sacred Fragments of Celestis have a very important value in the game.
  3. Starter Pokémon such as Bagon, Dratini, and Larvitar can be chosen.
  4. In the 2020 beta version 1.1.1 the starters are Charmander, Treecko and Froakie
  5. Pokémon from 1 first to 7 seventh generation are included.
  6. The competitive system is updated with all the basic mechanics (attacks, items, abilities) following the example of the 7th generation.
  7. The new Pokémon system of mega developments and protomorphosis is added, something similar to the Mega Evolution System.
  8. Division of attacks between physical and special.
  9. New battle style similar to the Kalos in the Seventh Generation.
  10. New improved internal and external animated graphics just like on NDS.
  11. New animated events when exploring places and locations.
  12. New music is included.
  13. You can adjust the level of difficulty in the game.
  14. The day and night system is included.
  15. New designs in the main characters of the game.
  16. Now the Arena Ladders (Guardians) are part of the main story.



You are downloading version 2.1.2 Zip file so you can directly play the game in your emulator !

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