Pokemon Unown

Pokemon unown

Game namePokemon Unown
Hack ofPokemon Fire Red
StatusIn development
Last UpdatedDecembr 7, 2022

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About the game

This game is another rom hack based on Pokemon Fire Red with many improvements in game than fire red, like CFR engine, A.I quality of life, built on Leon’s base, thematic randomization, mega evolutions, unknown and Pikachu buffs and Jessie and James (Team Rocket) as side-villains. Where included modes are Nuzlocke mode, Healing mode, Difficulty modes, Minimal grinding mode

Story Description

Story is similar like Pokemon Fire Red but this time you have Jessie and James as villains but this game focuses more on Randomizers, Modes and difficulty levels.



  • Pokemons from gen 1 to 8
  • Hisuin Pokemons
  • CFR engine
  • A very difficult A.I competitors
  • Variety of modes (Nuzlocke, Auto healing, Minimal-grinding)
  • Thematically randomized
  • Mega evolutions
  • New Unown Buffs
  • Optional difficulty modes
  • Optional encounter lock
  • Unknown and Pikachu buffs
  • Overhaul trades

Game modes

Toggle Options

ItemlessPlayer cannot use their item bag in battle
Level Caps:Player cannot level past the gym’s max level.
Restricted Encounters:Only the first encounter per wild zone can be caught. This is not 100% faithful to nuzlocke encounter rules. It only restricts non-scripted wild encounters, which doesn’t include gifts. Shiny and duplicate clauses are implemented.
Sadlocke:Pokemon will not obey you probabilistically if < neutral happiness. Whenever a Pokemon faints there is a massive penalty to their happiness. Walking for friendship is disabled. Raters are in every PC. Pairs well with restricted encounters!

Trainer A.I Difficulty

Default:Pokemon from trainers are very challenging. They are thematically randomized on the spot, i.e expect entropy between battles!
Casual:Pokemon from trainers are not as powerful. They have near 0 IVs/EVs and neutral nature. This is still much harder than a vanilla game.



Latest vesion (v0.8.1)

Previous versions

These are pre-patched files so you can play these files directly in your emulator !

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