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Pokemon voyager
Based on Pokemon Emerald
GamePokemon Voyager

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About the game

This GBA rom hack is based on Pokemon Emerald with many improvements. It has a new region, mechanics, graphics, story.

Story Description

Thousands of years ago, a cataclysmic event upended the majority of the planet’s landmass. Sea levels rose to drastic levels, forcing Pokémon and mankind alike into the formerly high-altitude region of Keplara. Generations later, the region’s ever-growing population would force humanity to encroach upon the feral Pokémon’s territory, increasing tensions across the region. With no other land on Earth to populate, Keplara’s human residents have begun to explore alternatives for human expansion. Some choose to explore the land or sea, but others turn their attention toward the stars and space-faring technology.

And now,

You have lived your whole life in Andromeda City, the metropolitan heart of Keplara. Your father works for the Andromeda PD; your mother is the local Antares League, gym leader. Someday you’ll get a Trainer’s License of your own and become a well-regarded Pokémon trainer yourself.

But today is not that day. Instead, today is an exciting day for Andromeda City: your mother’s Antares League gym is moving into the snazziest new digs, all the way up to the top floors of the recently-completed Pokémon community skyscraper! There are still a few things left to move and unpack before the grand opening, but it’s nothing that you and your father can’t handle. What could possibly go wrong?


  • New story
  • New region
  • New character
  • 76+ Fakemons in the game
  • Custom battle engine
  • Rotation battles
  • Battle factory mode
  • Pokemon research
  • to know more visit here
  • Nuzlock mode
  • Pokemons in party limit
  • Type challenge



This is pre-patched zip file so you can directly play it in your emulator !

Previous versions

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